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ChildCare App Revisions, Installation and
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September 19, 2019 4:30 PM

 ChildCare App Revised Program (Zipped Format) 
 Download, unzip  and save this program to your ChildCare directory replacing the existing version.    

ChildCare App. Installation Setup (Winzip file format)  - December 6, 2018  Download to your computer and unzip the setup to your desktop (recommended). Right click  the setup icon and choose "Run as Administrator"  to begin installation of the ChildCare App. on your computer . For new and re-installations only! Don't install if you already have ChildCare data on your computer. See ChildCare Help - Installations for instructions on a re-installation or  how to transfer to a new computer.

Files listed below are supplemental files used by the program : Do not download unless advised to do so.
 When advised to do so, download and save the specified file(s) below into your ChildCare directory replacing previous versions or missing files.

All Revised Tables  in zipped format:  July 1st 2019
Includes Factors,Smi,Fees and Ranking

Smi.dbf   Smi.cdx      State Median Income Tables Revised    July 1st 2019
Fees.dbf  Fees.cdx   Revised July 1st 2019

Pilotfee.dbf    Pilotfee.cdx - Family Fee tables for San Francisco or San Mateo County Agencies in the Pilot Program.

 Factors.dbf   Factors.cdx  Attendance Factors Tables Updated September 18, 2019 11:30 AM

Rank.dbf  Rank.cdx  Waiting list income ranking table.  Updated July 1, 2019 

 Mapi32.dll    Msmapi32.dll    Msmapi.ocx  Mscal.ocx  Microsoft Windows application files  
MSVCR71.dll  Download to c:\windows\syswow64\  directory.

  Years.dbf    Listing of Calendar Years   Updated April 2015   The Meal tracking program which is included in all installations.( Winzip Fromat)

  data2925ccip.dbf    data2925ccip.cdx    data2925ccip.fpt         CCIP attendance and fiscal tables

Tables30.dbf     Tables30.cdx    Updated August 2017

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