More About The ChildCare

Here are some of the many time saving reports and functions included with the program:

Meal Tracking and Reimbursement
The program provides a user friendly computerized version of every DOE form.

CD9600 - Application for Child Development Services and Certification of Eligibility 

Communication Notice - Pre Notice of Action Notice.(English & Spanish)
CD7617 - Notice of Action (English and Spanish)
CD9400 - Enrollment and Attendance Register.
CDFS/CD 1400 - Special Programs for the Severely Handicapped
CDFS/CD 2507 - Resource and Referral
CDFS/CD 6507 - School-age Parenting and Infant Development
CDFS/CD 8501 - State Preschool Programs
CDFS/CD 9500 - Child Development Programs
CDFS/CD 9500-A - Migrant Special ServicesCDFS/CD 9500-AP - Alternative Payment or Family Child Care Homes

CDFS/CD 9500-HR - Child Development Programs - High Rate
CDFS/CD 9516-D - School-age Community Child Care Services-Days
CDFS/CD 9516-H - School-age Community Child Care Services-Hours
CDFS/CD 9516-HRD - School-age Community Child Care Services - High Rate Days
CDFS/CD 9516-HRH - School-age Community Child Care Services -HR  Hours 
CDFS/CD 9525 - Reimbursement for Registration and Other Fees
CDFS/CD 9529 - Specific Child Development Contracts and Grants
CDFS/CD 9530-A - Reserve Account Activity Report

Automatic Family Fee Billing
    (Subsidized and Non-Subsidized. days , hours or
    DOE schedule)
Numbered Receipts
Family Account Status
Family Fees Billed, Due and Received Reports
Immunization record keeping and reports.
Class Sign-in Sheets (four formats to select from).
Classroom Roll Call Sheets
Family recertification schedule report.
Earnings Projections
Family eligibility roster.
Classroom Enrollment by Hour
Attendance listing summary reports
Best interest and unexcused absent report.            
Electronic file transfer for your
CDD801A Population Information data.   
Waiting List
2014 Notice of Action (English and Spanish)