What our users are saying about the program.

 I Love ChildCare App. I have 106 students and about 90 families in the system. I run 2 contracts with 5 classrooms and each contract is divided into 2 income categories. The ChildCare App is very user friendly. The system allows me to have my families enrolled in each contract. The system is great also because of how many CDE reports it automatically prints for me. The technical support is great! I had never worked in a non-profit child care center before and because of the ease and continuous support the transition was easy and it also allowed me to grasp the concept of many aspects of a non-profit agency. I would  encourage anyone to purchase this system."   - Administrator, Live Oak ChildCare.

"This program saved my life!" -
Sunny Hawk, College of the Redwoods.

 "I love it...thanks so much" - Cathy Roof, Martinez Early Childhood Center, Martinez

 "Thanks so much. You make my life so easy" - Linda Mott, Coast Community College district, Costa Mesa.

 "I really like your product as a first time user on computers." - Ann Cambell, Quality Children's Services

 "...billion times better than what we were using." - Sam Evans, Orange Coast  College Children Center

 "Love it!" - Denese Ehret, Kern Community College District.

 "We are very satisfied with this product." - Carolyn Mokski, Antioch Partnership

 "Your product CDD 801 report is a wonderful thing...I just love it." Marialice, California Young World

 "It's a joy." - Paula Jeppson, Covina Development Center.

"I got spoiled." - Kathi, Marysville ChildCare Center. 

 - Peter Ryce Director, Beginnings, Inc.


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